Sound Healing

Mike Barron


"What kind of music can heal? Singing is the most powerful, for singing is living. It is Prana. The voice is life itself." - Sufi Inayat Khan.

Drum Healing Workshop Dates

Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course.
Part One : 1st April 2023 - 2nd April 2023

Sacred Drumming Practitioner Course.

DETAILS: Ask your self - are you ready to embark on a personal journey of change and life affirming practices .If you have the intention of bringing the drum and rattle into your healing practice , or for personal growth , then this course will provide you with the safe steps for creating sacred space and clearing energies whilst opening up a whole new way of mapping energies within the sacred directions, space with which you are individually connected and become more connected to as we learn to journey into the lower , middle , and upper worlds.
Sacred Drumming has been used for thousands of years across many cultures. The raw hide from the animals our Ancestors killed for meat was never wasted. Dwellings, bags and clothes were made from skins and leather.
The bent wood hoop covered with hide, when dry and taut, makes a very simple yet profound sacred instrument. Easy to carry, to use around a person whether sitting or lying down.
The hoop drum has been used in sacred ceremony for clearing space, many types of ritual and healing.
Used also for the focus through intention when meditating.
For anchoring the body when using trance beat.
To call on the archetypes behind the form of trees and plants.
To help pull a group together, to help harmony in a work space.
Your Drum for the Sacred Drumming Course! !
We will all be making an Inipi Lodge Drum in the first module of the Sacred Drumming Practitioners
Training. Inipi Lodge drums have a rawhide face on both sides of an ash wood hoop with a handle
on top. This drum is specifically a healing and help drum, it is a personal tool made by you for your
journey through the four seasons of the Sacred Drumming Training.!
The anatomy of the Inipi Lodge drum is very different. The wooden hoop is totally enclosed
because the drum has two faces, the hoop which represents the bones and that which keeps you
upright is hidden under the skin, like in your own body, with the lacing holding the two sides
together over the wooden hoop. The two drum faces now show both sides of you, your male and
female, yin and yang, shadow and light. The space inside is enclosed, your drum is hollow like the
open space in your lungs. This space inside the drum will be moving as you drum because both
skins are working together creating a hum and a resonance between them. There is a balance
between the two sides, a balance between you and your external world that this style of drum
amplifies. This is a humble drum not a drum for drum circles or casual play around the fire.!
The first weekend of this five part course will be held at Pen Y Cwm workshops Churchstoke Powys SY156TR
Where we will make our Drum and Rattle.

The following four parts will be :-

Part Two -6th-7th May 2023

Part Three - 15th-16th July 2023

Part Four - 2nd-3rd Sept 2023

Part Five - 21st-22nd Oct 2023

College of Sound Healing Tutor Accreditation

AT: Pen Y Cwm Workshops, Pen Y Cwm Churchstoke, Montgomery, Powys, Wales, SY156TR.
COST: Course Fee: £1.000 + £120 for drum & rattle making materials. A non-refundable deposit of £320 (includes the drum & rattle making materials) is required to secure your place. Remaining cost per module is £160 payable 2 weeks before each module.
TO BOOK: Contact Mike :- mike.barron3@btinternet.com

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