Sound Healing

Mike Barron


"Let no one destitute of geometry enter my doors."
Plato C. 427-347 BCE



Hi Mike   

 Another big thank you for last night - truly wonderful, and the best nights sleep I've had for ages!   Wrote this afterwards.....Love Rosa

Gong bath      Song Path

Evening immersion into the tuneful universe shimmering between my ears

First sound: bell of St Francis - a soft chime, transporting me to a piazza and a priest on a warm olive-laden day

   And that's just the toe in the water, the first resonance to attune one's receptors to the torrent to come

    And my words cannot do justice to the sounds you produce, so metaphors abound with powerful images  in the natural worlds:

 the majesty of a thunderstorm (but without the scorpion's tail of lightning)

ocean waves gathering power as they surge against the shore of our hearing

the sweeping curtain of colours of the Northern Lights shimmering in my heart

crashing resonance that brings a smile to my face and opens the body to allow the sound further in, to riple and pluck every cell.

The gong strips away the dross, sharpens the edges for a cleaner connection with the outside, making the cup of tea tastier and a  conversation with a new friend gigglier, helping dissolve the barriers of aloofness and habit.

For gong bath drives out the shadows of sloth and complacency, and replaces them with deep relaxation and contentment.

And in this space I can play with the Dnet, enhance the current of energy along the umbilical ladder from the sphere of the masters and ring out in celebration of the network of lightworkers.

In the pioneering days, men used a pick-axe and a hammer for creating their house in the wilds; in the 20th century is was a crane and a bulldozer.... and now the edifices are built, and all we need to activate and enliven them is to bring ourselves in tune with the element of sound and the magic of the gong. And Mike our gong-wizard, wields his wand and sets us on the path.....


Fascinating & challenging; intensive & chilled. I have learnt such a lot from these weekend workshops, such hope in ways of healing, such a powerful healing that I will incorporate into my own methods & music teaching.Thanks Mike.

Keep up the good work!



"Mikes sound healing course is intensely transformative, profound and illuminating. His energy, love and commitment for sound healing radiates so brightly through him- I am so deeply grateful for this experience"


I am just home after experiencing your gong bath at Shortwood

School this evening. Truly delightful. Deceptively deep and beautifully

balancing. I really appreciate your skills and the guiding sounds you

produced in the session. Many thanks.


It has been a privilege to be able to share your experience and wisdom and knowledge and have fun and laughter with the drums and rattles and nature thank you I have learnt so much. Love Zipporahxx

Hara Willow

I can highly recommend this course, as well as Mike Barron as a tutor. I chose him to train me as a sound healer and in sacred drumming and I completed this course myself just a few months ago. It has enhanced my sound healing practice no end. Mike is a wonderful, wise, compassionate and supportive teacher and has an abundance of knowledge to share.

If you find a calling within to work with the sacred drum this is a good place to begin or deepen your journey

Andy Hughes

I also thoroughly recommend this course - by drumming the 'sacred', I have deepened my connection with my rhythms and the rhythms of Nature and I had the nerve-racking joy of making my own drum and follow its beautiful sounds. It may sound a bit gushy or glib to say this course is "life-changing"- but it's true!! Thanks Mike.